Luna Ixchel

Temple of the New Earth Priestesshood

Templo de la sacerdotisa de la Nueva Tierra



Dear sister,

I am Emmanuelle Sac I Ku and I welcome you to the Temple of the New Earth Priestesshood.

I am a present time priestess with a medical doctors degree, trained in several natural healing arts, initiated into ancestral mayan and aztec priestesshood. 

I help powerful women on a divine mission to step into their innate wisdom, unique healing talents, genuine power and sovereign leadership and take their Sacred Service professionally to the next level. 

I do this trough a nine month professional training, called "Birthing the Priestess".

I also offer private sessions, an online temple space and sacred pilgrimages to the mayan and aztec lands of Ixchel and Quetzalcoatl.  



We invite you on our pilgrimages to the sacred sites of the Mayan and Aztec people.


Ixchel, Mayan Goddess, is the lady of femininity, birth, medicine, sexuality, the sea, the moon, the rainbow, the children and all new beginnings.

In the Mayan tradition, Ixchel is the wife of the great god Itzamna. In ancient times, she was openly worshipped by the Mayan people. There were many ceremonial temples for Ixchel in various places throughout the Mayan land, today in day being the best known temple of Ixchel in Isla Mujeres, "at the cliff of dawn"; the extreme southeast of Mexico.


This is where current Mexico receives every morning the first rays of sun, where the big sungod "Ahau" first greets Mayan territory. Every morning a new day is born of the union between Sun Ahau and goddess Ixchel. Every morning is a Renaissance.

In ancient Mayan culture, all women performed twice in their life a pilgrimage in canoa to the temple of the  goddess Ixchel, making an offer and asking for love, health, fertility, new life and wisdom.

Today, we want to recover the ancestral teachings of Ixchel, forming health professionals on issues of sacred masculinity and femininity, sexuality, spiritual openness and health trough body awareness, linking the science and art of traditional and contemporary medicine.


Receive a copy of my book

Tulum, the heartbeat of the Anahuac

Emmanuelle had the strong soul desire to write down and share her experiences with tantra, sacred sexuality, healing, the power of the ancestral lands of the American continent around 21 12 2012 and the birthing of the New Earth. She describes what she learned from it and how it totally changed her life.

The book is published in spanish by Amazon and is currently being translated into english.


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