Dear priestess,


I am Emmanuelle and it's an honor to be with you here.

My mission is to create a global community of temple priestesses who speak their word and share their unique talents and wisdom in order to serve the Earth and all her inhabitants. 






Be part of our global tribe of highly educated and extremely well trained priestesses. 


The time is NOW!


I am a present time high priestess with a medical doctors degree who helps female healers, therapists, visionaries and influencers on a divine mission to step into their innate wisdom, healing potential, genuine voice and sovereign leadership and take their Sacred Service to the next level.
I do this trough a 9 month professional online- onsite training called "Birthing the Priestess" 

I train women with a divine calling in the topics of natural healing arts, sacred sexuality, shamanic techniques, grid work, activation of sacred sites, communication with other realms of existence, initiation in sacred marriage, conscious conception, divine birth and divine death.

I developed a unique program that unites ancient, mystical wisdom and practices with contemporary knowledge and science of the body, nervous system and healing arts.

I guide each woman in her unique expression of her talents in order to live and serve from her fullest potential. 

I also provide a safe container for these women to step into their real mission of serving the divine, source of all creation, while staying strong into their earthly personality and structure.


Here I share with you my professional curriculum.


- doctor in veterinary medicine (Belgium)

- postgraduate in animal chiropractic (Germany)

- postgraduate in animal osteopathy (Belgium)

- postgraduate in biodynamic craniosacral therapy (Spain)

- specialization trainings in functional neurology (USA)

- training in tantric arts (Spain)

- mayan priestess training (Mexico)

- currently: training as Guardian of the ancestral mayan cosmology by the Counsel of Mayan Elders (Mexico)

Apart from these official trainings, I've done courses on interspecies communication, shamanism, sacred sexuality, energy healing, priestess work and so on. 






I want to share with you an outline of my life

and the initiations Life has given to me in order to

become who I am now. 


I invite you to take some time, sit relaxed, breath in

deeply and start reading, with the eyes of wonder

and awe for the miracle called Life. 


Since I was a child, I was always living between various realms of reality. I was hyper sensitive to the energies and emotions of other people and animals. I was raised in a dysfunctional family with alcohol and drug abuse and found my refugee with the horses. I talked to them and they clearly responded, as did as my invisible friends.

I had an affinity for the indigenous of the american continent and dressed myself and my pony up like a native indian. We went gallopping in the fields, dreaming we were in the Great Planes of the Lakota people.


As an empath, innate healer and animal lover, I graduated as a doctor in veterinary medicine. Yet, I immediately specialized in natural healing arts, such as chiropractic, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy and manual healing techniques.

My passion for the body and the connection between body and spirit trough the spine and the nervous system kept me studying and also sharing my passion with other veterinarians all over the world trough my postgraduate program in animal chiropractic.


As I was sexually traumatized, I seeked and found healing and transformation in tantric arts. As this also became a passion, I started teaching this art also to people all over the world, combining my trips to do veterinary work as well as tantric work.

In october 2012, I was in Tulum for a tantric workshop. There I experienced a huge heart opening and spiritual awakening as I was taken into other timelines of mayan grandioisty. 


That lead me to attending a pilgrimage with with mayan, aztec, hopi and lakota elders to mayan sacred sites in Guatemala in december 2012 for the end of the old mayan calender.

At that pilgrimage, I made my vow to be of sacred service to the divine. 



A rollercoaster took me to aztec lands for learning and initiation and I was guided to move to Tulum, one of the ancient mayan settings at the carribean coast in Mexico.

During these years, I received more teachings and initiations of mayan and aztec elders and I tuned in even more into the many realms of reality and existence. I felt strongly guided by Kukulkan, the gran mayan deity and Ixchel, the grand mother of the Mayan people.


I had the very strong longing to become a mother. I did a lot of ceremony and ritual and as the fertility specialist described it,I conceived a miracle, as I conceived under circumstances that were scientifically impossible. 

Nine months later, 22 october 2016, my beautiful son was born after 3,5 days of labor and an emergency section. He was taken away from me to intensive care for medical care and observation.


Everything what was part of the worst case scenario happened, pushing me, as a newly single mother, into a post partum depression.

Eventually, with the help of people around me, healing arts and a lot of willpower, I got trough this. I had to, for the love towards my son.


We were blessed with a house 90 steps from the Carribean beach in the heart of the mayan lands, the paradise for a super active happy boy!

Tomas grew quickly into a beautiful young boy!

In november 2018, I met a beautiful Mexican gentleman, Juan, who was very connected and devoted to his Mexican ancestors and Quetzalcoatl. 


Then, 9 march 2019, Juan was on his way to meet my boy and I for a romantic dinner. Yet,... he never arrived. He had a car accident on his way and passed away instantly. It was a huge shock for me. I was guided to send him to the Light in order for his souls' evolution. 

Little by little I recovered and accepted what had happened. 


The tragedy went on as June 1 2019, my beloved 2,5 year old son left his body in a tragic accident, choking in his favorite fruit. 

Doctors nor nurses were able to save him. 

That was the worst nightmare of my life, when I sang his goodnight sleep tight song for the last time, for eternity. 

In between all this tragedy, i received the blessing of my son talking to me that same night in spirit, while his little body was resting by my side. It was the same voice as my husband Quetzalcoatl who usually speaks to me.

He showed me he went straight back to Source, how life is a game of form, how people on earth can help lost souls to return to the light, how our senses can guide us to the darkness or the light, it depends on our consciousness and free will, how we, as lightworkers can help in the ascension of the earth and how the time is NOW!



In honor to my beautiful son, my boyfriend and all the other souls who left this earth plane and went to other realms of existence, I want to spread the word of the life after this life, of transformation, of healing and aliveness and of the ascension of Earth and all her inhabitants. 

¿Do you feel you can bring Light to the planet?



Be part of our movement of Light