Dear woman, do you hear the calling?





Are you on this planet for something bigger than yourself?


Do you want to be of Sacred Service to the Source of All Creation?


Do you feel your mission on the New Earth?


Don't hesitate! The time is now!



Are you willing to stand in your power and go against mainstream?


Are you committed to finding your unique voice and spread your word and the word of God in a confident and inspiring way?


Are you committed to putting this Sacred Service as your priority?


Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and transform yourself, all in the name of the Greater Good?


Are you committed to learning new healing modalities that might shake your ground? 

Do you want to take back your place in front of the altar and serve from there? 


Can you die in your old self and allow the new Self to be born as the priestess of this New Earth?


If your answer is YES, I welcome you to the Temple


We will work with the wisdom of the healer, the tantric, devotional and shamanic priestess, because, we, as priestesses of this New Earth embody everything that once was, now is and always will be. 

New Earth Priestess Professional training

The New Earth priestess training is a in depth 9 month professional training


New Earth Priestess Initiations

Emmanuelle offers many New Earth Priestess initiations on topics like hieros gamos, immaculate conception, transition into the afterlife, the ascension process and more


New Earth Priestess Initiations

Emmanuelle offers New Earth Priestess initiations on many topics, such as Hieros Gamos, immaculate conception, initiation into the human life, initiation into the afterlife, the ascension process and many more.

Hieros Gamos and immaculate conception initiation



Initiation into the afterlife 



Initiation into the ascension process



New Earth Priestess Professional Training

Emmanuelle offers New Earth Priestess professional training to women who are committed to step into their role as sacred servants to the divine, Source of all Creation, the New Earth and humanity. 

Tantric Priestess and healer

We work with Sacred Sexuality and the  Divine feminine and masculine energies.

We learn and practice ancestral and contemporary healing arts.


Devotional Priestess

We connect directly to the Source of All Creation.

We refine our connection and communication to other realms and translate into understandable language so people can come closer to Source.


Shamanic Priestess

We work profoundly with the Earth. 

We perform powerful ancient, ancestral ceremony and ritual. We are initiated in the sacred rites of birth and death.


Birthing the Priestess


The professional Mayan Priestess  training has the purpose to train the students on a high, professional level in order to guide their patients, clients and students on the path to healing, personal and spiritual development, self awareness, awakening and ascension.

The program is partially online and partially on site. We gather at the sacred Mayan Lands of Mexico. 

The training is 9 months of gestation in order to birth the Priestess.
Each month of the training covers a specific topic that integrates with the following teachings.
The first part of the training is focused on the integration of the student herself, eliminating old patterns, blockages, traumas, energy links, schemes and thoughts that no longer serve and integrating a new consciousness in her being in order to fully step into the Sacred Service of the priestess. 

The second part of the training focuses on learning how to accompany others in their transformation process and integration into their whole being and ascension process.

The training is aimed at anyone who is deeply and genuinely interested in the health of Humanity and Earth. 

Medical or paramedical background and knowledge are welcome but not required. 

Tantric Priestess and healer


We work with the embodiment of the Divine feminine and masculine energies.

We learn and practice ancestral and contemporary healing arts.


- The human body as a vehicle of the divine experience: basics of anatomy, physiology, neurology, endocrinology and embryology.

- The importance of the spine for the free flow of vital energy and physical, mental and spiritual health.

- Spinal alignment techniques, craniosacral therapy and techniques to release structural, neurological and energetical interference in the spine and to awaken the cerebrospinal flow and kundalini in the body.

- Somato-emotional release: physical treatments that heal on an emotional level.

- Hieros gamos: divine union.

- Sexual yoga, tantric yoga and couple yoga.

- Grounding techniques and learning to hold the space energetically.

- The sacred touch: the intention and presence of your touch.
- The importance of sexuality in the path to enlightenment.
- Intimacy as a means of healing.


Devotional Priestess

We connect directly to the Source of All Creation.

We refine our connection and communication to other realms and come closer to Source.


- Entering the Cosmic Womb of All Creation.

- Meditation on the present moment, the biodynamic presence of the practitioner.

- Prayer as a means to connect with Source.

- Clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance.

- from instinct trough intellect and intelligence to intuition.

- Embodyment of the goddess archetypes.

- Leading meditation and prayer circles.

- Channeling information of other realms of existence.

- Ancestral teaching of the mayan prophecies.

- The return of Quetzalcoatl. 


Shamanic Priestess

We work profoundly with the Earth. 

We perform powerful ancient, ancestral ceremony and ritual  and are initiated in the sacred rites of birth and death.


- Soul retrieval

- Unhooking from addictive substances and entities. 

- Working with the elements of fire, water, earth and wind.

- Guidance of the passed soul into the Light.

- Support and guidance for the loved ones who stay behind.

- Liberation and guidance of trapped souls to the Light.

- Ancestral mayan and aztec ceremony and ritual. 

- Birthing the New Earth: being a conscious part of the ascension process of Earth and all her inhabitants. 

- activation of sacred sites and vortexes. 

- grid work and energetical cleaning of people, animals, houses and places. 


This 9 month program is a professional training with high educational standards.

It requires commitment and investment of your time and attention.

Theoretical and practical assessments are part of this program in order to be initiated.

Our goal is to uplevel the standards of the priestess work and step into a whole new level of this sacred profession, that is recognized and highly respected in our society, just as in long forgotten, but yet strongly remembered ancient times. 

DATES 2021


The training starts at the spring equinox 21 march 2021 and ends with the winter solstice 21 december 2021

Each month, there are 2 send outs online in our virtual temple space and 2 online live classes that will be recorded in the virtual temple. 

Each month, there are specific tasks to execute, as ceremonies, healing techniques, grid work, prayer work, client guidance, soul retrievel and much more. 

We also have our private online community temple space where we share teachings, experiences and ancient wisdom. 

The training in the physical temple in the Sacred Mayan Lands is

Mayan winter temple retreat


14 till 21 december 2021r 2021

This 7 days retreat includes mayan opening and closing ceremony, temple priestess teachings and practices, visits and ceremonies at mayan sacred sites and the mayan priestess initiation at the temple of Ixchel in Isla Mujeres at the day of the autumn equinox. 


The main teacher is Dr. Emmanuelle "Sac I" Ku, yet we have many guest teachers online and onsite, specialists in mayan ancestral cosmogony, soul retrieval, priestess training, womb wisdom, etc. 


Meet Emmanuelle



The price includes

- the 9 months online training

- the online temple community 

- the initiation at the temple of Ixchel in Isla Mujeres

- your unique ancestral power jewelry

- your mayan power instrument

- your mayan saging instrument (copalera)

- your mayan priestess name, aligned with the original Tzol K'iin calender

- on site teachings on mayan cosmology from Mayan elders

- your mayan ceremonial outfit

- the two 7 day retreats in the sacred mayan lands*


*Not included:
- airfares
- accomodation
- food
- entry fees to sacred sites
- transportation to sacred sites
- souvenirs
- anything you wish to buy 


The New Earth is here, be part of her.


Yes, you hear the calling.

Yes, you signed up for these times, to be part of this new Earth and to be in service of the Source of All Creation, the New Earth, ascension and humanity. 

                         BEFORE 21 JANUARY 2021



1 X 7000 USD



3 X 2450 USD



10 x 777 USD

                            BEFORE 21 FEBRUARY 2021 



1 X 8000 USD



3 X 2800 USD



10 x 888 USD

                              BEFORE 21 MARCH 2020 



1 X 9000 USD



3 X 3130 USD



10 x 999 USD

Enter the temple

of the Priestess of the New Earth

Sign up for our next priestess training 21 march 2021.

The time is NOW